Health & Safety

Health & Safety Guidance

If taking part in recording butterflies as part of the UKBMS, it is essential that you follow our Health and Safety guidance

Risk Assessments

Butterfly Conservation has also produced standard Risk Assessment Forms which will assist you in considering and minimising any hazards that you may face out in the field:

Standard Risk Assessment - Monitoring & Recording - for volunteer recorders

Standard Risk Assessment - Covid-19 - for volunteer recorders

Coronavirus Guidance

It is our intention that the UKBMS will be operational throughout the 2022 season, and butterfly monitoring is permitted provided the following conditions are met at all times:

  • Recorders ensure they have permission to access the sites that they monitor.
  • Recorders adhere to any Covid-19 restrictions issued by the government for the area where they live.
  • Recorders take all sensible precautions to reduce the spread of Covid-19.